First discovered in the 18th Century, the south-east corner of Australia and New Zealand was mapped by the British explorer James, Cook. This stunning and diverse continent is now available for an unforgettable air tour in the latest of the Discover franchise – Discover Australia and New Zealand.

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Explore Australia and New Zealand to the full in 20 flights that cover the length and breadth of these fascinating countries. If that were not enough, you are accompanied on all flights by an interactive tour guide who will point out all the key places of interest along your journey. With many hours of audio, voiced by a genuine Australian pilot and tour guide, you garner an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of all the incredible sights that pass under your wings!

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All the well-known landmarks of this enormous land mass can be viewed from the cockpit of the faithfully recreated classic 1950’s Auster Autocrat J/1 including:

  • Sydney - Detailing the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House
  • Great Barrier Reef - Probably the most famous World Heritage site, it’s a living masterpiece of coral and sea life
  • Uluru - Also known as Ayres Rock, located in the Red Centre of this vast continent, it’s stunning beauty is best enjoyed from the air
  • Christchurch - Bordered by hills and the Pacific, this vibrant city has bounced back from two devastating earthquakes
  • Wellington – the New Zealand capital is nestled between a sparkling harbour and rolling green hills

Other sights to enjoy are Alice Springs, Darwin, Tasmania, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

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Designed to be enjoyed by flight simmers of all skill levels, there is a tour guide for all the destinations visited plus detailed pilot’s notes, a comprehensive briefing and a tutorial for the Auster Autocrat J/1 aircraft too.

Discover Australia and New Zealand has been developed by ourselves under the JRW brand for our publishing partner, Excalibur Publishing.


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Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

2.0 GHz or higher

2 GB system memory

256 MB VRAM or higher

Hard Drive

Broadband connection and Steam account required